Joseph Gourvenec SEO and Online Search Marketing Specialist

(Last updated: 16/03/2013)
Joseph Gourvenec

I’m Joseph Gourvenec a Search Engine Optimization and Online Search Marketing Specialist (optimisation for my UK friends) with 8 plus years experience.

By day I work a 9 to 5 ish job in online marketing as you might expect and by night, weekend and any other spare time I am an online entrepreneur  plus  the  founder of a free online business directory, event marketing and event management tool plus

Google Analytics Certification Program
Google Analytics – Qualified

Google AdWords Certification Program: Individually Qualified
Google AdWords – Advertising Fundamentals – Qualified
Google AdWords – Search Advertising – Qualified
Google AdWords – Reporting and Analysis – Qualified
Google AdWords – Display Advertising – ‘Shortly after’

Google Search Partner –

SEO and Search marketing expertise

Who needs SEO and search marketing?
Anyone who has a website and wants to generate any or all of the following: Sales, leads, referrals and brand awareness.

Professional SEO

Digital strategy including Natural, Paid (PPC) search, Social Media and Email marketing
Competitor benchmarking
Keyword research and volumes
Link building and content distribution
Site design, structure and internal architectures.
Plus other tools and techniques to gain high ranking positions

Google Analytics (GAIQ Qualified)
Reporting (Advanced Segments & Custom reports, etc).
Goals, funnels and filters.
E-commerce tracking
Google AdWords and AdSense integration
Everything you need to know to manage an SEO and/or PPC, Social medial, Email, etc campaign and report on the effectiveness of each section.

Google AdWords – Certification Program: Individually Qualified
Create campaign.
Keyword tool & targeting.
Location targeting.
Display network / Ad placement.
Multiple ad campaigns.
A/B testing / optimisation.
Generally all the knowledge to use both Analytics & AdWords together productively.

Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools (Incorporating Yahoo search)

Other online search marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Channels & Distributors
Video Creation
and much more

Call me for more info: 07888850444


Search Engine Optimisation “SEO”, Google Analytics (GAIQ Certified), AdWords, AdSense, Webmaster Tools, Sales, Negotiation, Strategy and Success Driven.